Sheldon Kagel

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Sheldon Kagel, Software Architect

About Sheldon Kagel

I plunged head first into software engineering. It was 1994, the internet was just being built and a group of us from Muscato Corporation had created a prototype... The first of it's kind web based healthcare application. Now software runs the world, and software architects and engineers are busy creating the future.

Has worked at: United Healthcare, Deloitte, Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, software firms.

Has been doing this since: 1994.

Favorite pastimes: Permaculture, Hiking, Astronomy, Photography.

Would have been: An Astronomer.

Favorite authors: Robert Burnham, Dan Brown, Peter Bevelin.

My motto: Innovate.

Acclaim for Sheldon

"We were able to have several intelligent technical conversations about his prior work. What stands out to me is his previous stint working with astronomical data pipelines on a grant project at an astronomy research center. Sheldon is comfortable working with massive amounts of data coming from sources and in processing them in real and deferred time. He also would be a good advocate for our cause as he is motivated by producing solutions that offer a social benefit like ours in healthcare."
- Joe T.